META-Health Practitioner Training programme

2015 Course Dates

Module 1: Tuesday 7th - Sunday 12th April (6 days)

Module 2: Tuesday 30th June - Sunday 5th July (6 days)

The META-Health Introductory Weekend is a prerequisite to attending this training

META-Health Practitioner Training Programme Overview:

A six month professional training and certification programme with two of the world's only Senior Master Trainers & leading developers in META-Health. This programme provides:

  • 12 days (125 hrs) of integrative META-Health Analysis and transformational awareness training
  • META-Health Analysis process
  • META-Health and coaching theory, philosophy and advanced awareness
  • META-Health and coaching techniques
  • Trigger Elicitation Technique
  • Practical hands-on skill development and mentoring
  • Exclusive introduction to META-Kinetics, an advanced META-Health innovation
  • 2 self-contained modules based around experiential learning and case studies
  • 6 months of tele-seminar/webinar support and META-Health Academy membership
  • Achieve a professional qualification: IMMA META-Health Practitioner status on successful completion of the course and requirements

Programme Bonuses

Our unique META-Health Practitioner Training also includes:

  • Advanced meditation practice using advanced brainwave entrainment
  • Introduction to and overview of your Human Design
  • Integral health training exercises for body-mind and mind-body
  • Demonstrations and mentoring for experiential learning META-Health tools and techniques
  • Demonstration of transformational therapies such as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting applied to META-Health Analysis
  • Taught elements and problem-based experiential learning
  • Lots of fun, a video night and social evenings in each module
  • Special Bonus 1 - Explanation of the new scientific paradigm that is META-Health
  • Special Bonus 2 - Identify your key barriers with a META-Kinetics Health Scan
  • Special Bonus 3 - Identify core unhealthy patterns with a META-Kinetics Constellation Scan
  • Special Bonus 4 - Learn the Emotional Pattern Elicitation process with the Creators
  • Special Bonus 5 - Cybernetics and Systems Thinking training
  • Special Bonus 6 -  A brand NEW way to comprehensive systemic analysis


Your Senior META-Health Master Coach Trainers

Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross are IMMA Advisory Board Members and Senior Master
META-Health Trainers. They are the only Senior Master Trainers in the UK, and have a combined
14 years' experience training META-Health and are leading developers of META-Health methods.

Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross META-Medicine Master Trainers and IMMA Advisory Board MembersThey are major contributors to the International META-Medicine Association (IMMA) standards for the Practitioner and Master Practitioner syllabus. Their innovations include META-Kinetics, the Emotional Stress Pattern Elicitation process,  bio-psycho-social-spiritual Thresholds Model and the META-Meanings. 

Robert's personal and professional interest in health, spirituality and  personal development started more than 15 years ago. His background in Engineering, information systems research, consultancy and orgsniational change has contributed towards developing a deep, practical and integrated understanding of energy psychology (EFT), NLP and META-Health. This has culminated in the application of Cybernetic and Systemic research methods and innovations in mind-body healing methods.

Joanne's background in teaching and coaching ensures that all learners get the most out of our training experience with a variety of learning styles and activities.  Robert and Joanne have been working with META-Health since 2005, and have been leading META-Health trainers since 2007. Their unique approach to health and personal development integrates advanced approaches including coaching, NLP, EFT, Developmental Behavioural Modelling and the Human Design System.


META-Health Practitioner Trainee Testimonials

‘I expected that the course would be cutting-edge, and it certainly was! A brilliantly integrative analysis on every level – complete health and wellbeing. It expanded my past view that the body heals itself and always does the best for you. META-Health explained exactly HOW – the science of stress and health. Understanding the two phases is brilliant. The course was well-presented, in bite-sized chunks. The trainers have a fantastic understanding of the subject. They were so helpful in coaching us all to look at, analyse, understand and release our own emotional patterns. The group analysis sessions and case studies are brilliant and it’s so helpful to learn from everyone’
Julie Hotchkiss, Nutritional Therapist and Dru Yoga Teacher




‘Jo and Rob exceeded my expectations – not a dull moment and I feel like I’m really getting to grips with META-Health. META-Health has totally transformed my views and empowered me. On the course there was a good mix of theory, exercise and break out sessions. I also liked the yoga and meditation. The content was brilliant, especially the revision and consolidation, and the folders of slides, maps and other material’ 
Jo Trewartha, Special Educational Needs Teacher (Autistic Spectrum Disorders)



‘Great training, high quality all the way! A very good structure including coaching, theory, practice, interaction, lots of back up, love and humanity! The course fully answered my need for META-Health data. It has given me more self-confidence and a better understanding of what I need to do to improve my life successfully. META-Health has an incredible potential for humankind’
Martine Bailly, Quantum Therapist


'As a Complementary Therapist, I was looking for a holistic approach to health which was more scientific - something I could easily explain to my clients. I have found that in META-Health. Beginning the Health Coach Training just made so much sense; it was the missing link for me. This is the analytical tool I was looking for, which precedes the therapies that I already use. I could address the root cause and help my clients to remove their symptoms completely, rather than just helping them to feel better for a short while. 

This amazing system has helped me to understand my own health issues and address them with a purely natural, organic approach. I am now much stronger, fitter, and I have more energy than ever! I have developed a passion for META-Health and have a strong desire to share this information. It has changed my life, and now I aim to do the same for others. I’m looking forward to my new career as a META-Health Practitioner and Trainer with a joy and enthusiasm that even surprises me!'

 Jilly Davies-Bonnar, META-Health Practitioner and Trainer


Who is the accrediting organisation?

The International META-Medicine AssociationThe non-profit International META-Health Association (IMMA) regulates the standards and quality of META-Health Practitioner training and education and is responsible for the accreditation and certification process of all META-Health Practitioners, Master Practitioners, META-Naturopaths, META-Doctors and META-Health Trainers worldwide.

The IMMA Mission Statement is: "The transformation of medicine and health care into an integral & holistic art and science, promoting physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health"

What's the investment, and how do I book onto the course?


Advance bookings only. To find out more about the course, and to book your place, call 0845 838 6787


You can book online using Paypal link below. Alternatively, if you prefer to pay by cheque or direct transfer, please call 0845 838 6787 or email for details


We offer a £100 discount to students who have completed the META-Health Introductory Weekend with us.


META-Health Practitioner (META-P) Training Options

The META-Health Practitioner Training Programme: Details 

Our  META-Health Practitioner Training is the most advanced approach in Integrative Health Coaching available in the world today. As a META-Health Academy Practitioner you will learn a how to apply a unique synthesis of mind-body enquiry, emotional healing and personal development which integrates and transcends existing diagnostic, coaching and therapy models.  Becoming a licensed META-Health Practitioner will give you an unrivalled awareness and practical ability to work with the mind-body-social and behavioural nature of your own and clients' health, developmental and achievement issues and goals.

Full completion of this programme will qualify and enable you to understand and use the mind-body-social connection and develop a fully integrative approach to health & personal development and achievement.

Our unique course includes 12 full days of training in 2 modules and includes:

  • Course manual and all training materials
  • 12 days' hands-on training, practice and mentoring in two modules
  • Access to individual and group support before, during and after the training modules, including regular teleseminars
  • Six months of recorded teleconferences/webinars including live META-Health Analysis and coaching demonstrations, practice, Q & A and skill development
  • META-Health Practitioner theoretical and practical testing
  • Certification META-Health Practitioner levels on successful completion of the course and requirements

Extra special bonuses unique to this programme: 

  • NEW developments not available with any other Master Trainers in the world such as META-Kinetics, the Emotional Pattern Eliciation process and Cybernetics and Systems Thinking training
  • NEW Science - An explanation of where modern science has gone wrong and even failed when it comes to the study of human complexity and an introdution to sytemic thinking and enquiry to support and make sense of META-Health as a field an ensure excellence as a practitioner
  • Learn how to broaden your application of META-Health to all areas of life including your career and relationships
  • Understand your own, your family members', friends’ and clients’ health issues more deeply than ever before – and what needs to change in order to fully resolve them
  • META-Kinetics Health Scan VALUE £295 - find out your key underlying healing programmes to help deteermine where to apply the greatest leveage for health transformation and your personal development
  • Exclusive bonus - META-Kinetics Constellation VALUE £50 Scan to determine which constellations you have active. We all have constellations as mother nature's way of balancing the energies and information distribution throughout our body-brain-mind.  Finding out which constellations you have active begins a useful process self-awareness and enables deeper exploration with META-Health Analysis and META-Health Practitioner
  • Unique - Advanced META-Meanings - VALUE £50  - listings discovered and verified using META-Kinetics!
  • Personal introduction to your Human Design and more!
  • More Brain areas exposed  - we will explore the function and meaning of the Mid-Brain, Motor, Pre-Motor, Sensory and Post-Sensory Cortex

Our Module 1 syllabus includes:

  • A META-Perspective - Discover how META-Health fits within the philosophy of science and why now's the time for this new, advanced approach to health and personal development
  • Julie Hotchkiss and Susannah Acworth on module 1 - Now Qualified META-Health CoachesIntroduction to becoming a META-Health Practitioner - Why META-Health Practitioner and not Life or Health Coaching?  META-Health Practitioner integrates yet goes further still by combining each of these skills sets with cutting edge methodologies and tools for integrative health awareness, integrative (bio-psycho-social) diagnosis, coaching and therapeutic release. 
  • Beyond Personal Development - Over the last 15 years of interest and working in the field of organisational, personal and professional development, we have learned and applied a number of different approaches and found time after time that many of them simply don't work or when they do the effects are often superficial or temporary. 
  • Have you ever got frustrated with trying to apply the Law of Attraction, or think that 'The Secret' has a secret something missing? Have you been meditating using postive affirmations for years to no avail? There's a big reason that's not even on the radar of any of these systems or providers. It's our natural bio-logical programming and epi-genetic conditioning and unless you understand and know how to work with this information then the rest is great to think about, but will only ever get limited success. META-Health provides this deeper bio-logical understanding
  • META-Health Analysis Process skills - After having completed the Introductory Weekend you will have a basic understanding of how to do META-Health Analysis; the META-Health Practitioner Training enables you to broaden and deepen these skills
  • How to use the Trigger Eliciation Technique for identifying and working with external triggers and the internal tracks
  • How to identify and work with variations of the Two Phases in life and with clients to enhance health awareness
  • Understand the principles and processes that impact our health and determine stress, regeneration or balance
  • Use META-Health to identify the precise barriers to moving forward and developing in life career/business or relationship success
  • Use META-Health Enquiry to find the traumatic events, stressors and internal conflicts preceeding and supporting any illness

Our Module 2 syllabus includes:

  • The Composed organs and their meanings - Many organs of the body are composed of multiple tissue types relating to their different embryological and brain connection. This information is revolutionary and as it provides a META-Health Practitioner with a very detailed understanding of the brain based and neurological association with an external stressors, as well as helping to determine the internal mental conflict (tracks) behind a health issue
  • Different brain areas - Take your META-Health understanding to a deeper level with this awareness of greater differentiation within the brain relay responses
  • The origin of issues - Understanding the biological meaning of a psychological issue is something that has been completely left out of mainstream approaches to psychotherapy and academic rigour.  META-Health is based upon a unique science which provides us with a detailed understanding of the reasons people preference certain ways of thinking. Using this framework our students are able to uncover the meanings and use coaching and therapy to help resolve the underlying stressors
  • Deconstructing personality and complex bio-psycho-social health issues in META-Health referred to as constellations. Our different personalities and behaviours all have an origin in the brain
  •  Also types of anxiety, bipolar disorder, aggressive mania, asthma, anorexia, depression and bulimia, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other 'complex' health issues have an origin in brain neuro-biology.  The term constellation means that the health issue is an emergent property of multiple brain relays in stress. Research has demonstrated unequivocally that these health issues amongst others are composed of multiple conflict signals whose origin is in the brain.
  • In Module 2 we study the precise brain relay organisations coupled with the biological, psychological and social behaviourial meanings, making it easier to begin to work with the inherent complexities involved with these specific health issues.
  • META-Therapy Plans - One of the issues with many forms of healthcare is that the relationship is set up with an imbalance between the 'superior' health expert and 'inferior' client. This model is both outdated and has been proven not to work for the benefit of clients' long term health wellbeing. 
  • As a META-Health Practitioner, you will learn how to co-create META-Therapy Plans with clients. This process is powerful and empowering for both client and coach as a client starts to recognise that they are in control of their health issues and that recovery and healing is their responsibility. As clients discover how the changes they decide to make can change their health issues permanently, this strengthens their belief in their own self-healing ability

META-Health Practitioner Certification Standards Overview

To qualify and become a licensed META-Health Practitioner the following requirements have to be met:

  • Attendance of both modules - 12 days
  • At least 125 hours of training and 100 hours of practical experience
  • Complete client case studies in your own practice (10 case studies with clients and 5 on your own health issues = 15 case studies in total)
  • Successful completion of written or online theory test
  • Successful completion of observed META-Health Analysis case study examination (viva) with a client
  • Certification testing (theory test and viva)

META-Health Professional Development and Support Package

Two live sessions a month from the comfort of your own home. Value: £600 for 6 months

1. Monthly live Q & A sessions via webinar / teleseminar with Senior Master Trainer Robert Waghmare which offer you opportunities to:

  • Ask all your health questions and META-Health questions
  • Discuss case studies
  • Troubleshoot difficulties
  • Listen to other students’ questions and answers
  • Develop your META-Health anaysis skills
  • Develop deeper knowledge and understanding complex of complex multilayered issues
  • 2. Monthly live META-Health Analysis and Coaching sessions via webinar / teleseminar with Senior Master Trainer Joanne Ross which offer opportunities to:

  • Practice and deepen your META-Health skills through group META-Health enquiry
  • Benefit from being client, coach and observer in various sessions
  • Receive guidance, coaching, mentoring and feedback on your enquiry skills
  • Learn from other students’ enquiry
  • Understand your own health issues more deeply and gain a personalised therapy plan when in the client role
  • META-Health Practitioner Certification Support Package. Value: £300

    The Practitioner Certification Package includes:

    • Example Case Studies by previous META-Health Academy graduates
    • Case Study marking, evaluation and feedback by Senior Master Trainer
    • Practice Viva with evaluation and feedback with Senior Master Trainer
    • Viva with evaluation and feedback with Senior Master Trainer


    On our META-Health Practitioner Training programme you will develop the following knowledge & skills...

    Master META-Health Analysis

    • Learn how to apply a full META-Health Analysis
    • Use META-Health as an integral part of your health, therapy or personal development practice
    • Uncover the root cause of health issues quickly and precisely
    • Understand and use the bio-psycho-social connection - gain awareness of the intimate connection between thoughts, feelings, behaviour and dis-ease in a way that transcends other systems and approaches to health
    • Find the traumatic events & emotional stress patterns preceding illness
    • Develop capabilities in determining the events and emotional memories in an individual's life that led to their health issues
    • Learn how to recognise and use the Two Phases to uncover the root cause of an issue and regain balance
    • Enable clients to recognise the mind-body-social nature of their health issues by ‘triggering off’ the Two Phases
    • Learn how to explain META-Health to clients, friends and colleagues
    • Gain an in-depth understanding of the emotional and bio-logical meanings of the organs and health issues
    • Understand psychological issues and constellations, including anxiety, bipolar, aggressive mania, asthma, anorexia, depression and bulimia



    Understand and learn how to work with mind-body-social therapy:

    • Utilise the Two Phases to increase energy, vitality and life balance
    • Learn how to create effective META-Therapy Plans
    • Learn how to identify and release the emotions, beliefs and patterns behind chronic health issues
    • Unlock the your own and clients' healing potential
    • Learn how to apply your current therapies more precisely and successfully
    • Gain personal experience in advanced approaches to healing and personal development


    Gain a unique business opportunity:

    • Start a new profession representing the best in the future of integrative and holistic health care and medicine
    • Join the growing international network of META-Health Practitioneres
    • Create a niche within your field by being one of the first to use this ground-breaking approach
    • Integrate META-Health Practitioner within your existing practice and improve your therapeutic results
    • Start a new business as a META-Health Practitioner
    • Following successful completion of the META-Health Practitioner Training, join the META-Health Master Practitioner Training to develop coaching and therapy skills to use with META-Health enquiry
    • Alongside or after your META-Health Practitioner Training, you are able to join the META-Kinetics Training, taking your META-Health enquiry skills to an even deeper level with META-Kinetics Advanced Kinesiology


    What's the investment, and how do I book onto the course?


    Advance bookings only. To find out more about the course, and to book your place, call 0845 838 6787


    You can book online using Paypal link below. Alternatively, if you prefer to pay by cheque or direct transfer, please call 0845 838 6787 or email for details


    We offer a £100 discount to students who have completed the META-Health Introductory Weekend with us.


    META-Health Practitioner (META-P) Training Options


    META-Health Practitioner Training Venue

    The St John's Hotel - Principal Hayley - 651 Warwick Road Solihull, West Midlands. B91 1AT

    We look forward to welcoming you onto the course